WFPL Website Redesign + Mobile App

As we’ve said many times before, we love Louisville. So, we were excited for the opportunity to work on a website redesign and mobile app for 89.3 WFPL, Louisville’s local NPR news station and beloved local institution. We partnered with the WFPL team to redesign their website and create an iOS application, giving a mobile option to the site’s many readers. Website Redesign

WFPL website on laptop

The WFPL team wanted to showcase the dynamic nature of the site. We worked together to incorporate these elements with more stories above the fold, an updated news feed and a design that reflected the ever-changing nature of the site.

We collaborated to build a site that featured the great work of WFPL in a format that was intuitive, user-friendly, and beautifully designed.

WFPL News Mobile App

WFPL app on iPhone

A new element that we brought to the table was an iOS mobile application for the WFPL site. The app features a list of the day’s top five stories, plus links to explore the new website and live-stream radio play.

The new app gives the WFPL team the option to send push notifications, including a morning briefing each day with the day’s top stories.

We were delighted to work with the WFPL team to refresh their website and create a mobile presence. Download the WFPL News app today!