FG x Resurfaced

We love Louisville.

Since we opened our doors at Forest Giant we’ve seen a lot of positive change in the community, and it’s something we are proud to be a part of.

Our CEO Dave Durand, who also sits on the board of City Collaborative, was excited to share the ReSurfaced project with the team. There was an instantaneous group consensus that we would do whatever it takes to make it an amazing event. This is exactly the type of project that creates a genuine story about Louisville going beyond a crafty marketing tagline. This is something that brings the community together in a way that is far from ordinary. Plus, it is a beer garden - which sealed the deal for our involvement.

It’s been a privilege to leverage our diverse team for design, marketing, project management, and event planning to help make ReSurfaced great. Here are a few of the design items we’ve crafted for this event.

When everyone believes in a project, especially at FG, we pull out all the stops to see it through. When it is a unique project that the whole city rallies behind, it creates a truly beautiful story that we are so pleased to be a part of. ReSurfaced is going to be epic. We hope to see you there!