Quantified is a lifelogging app that helps you track the things you care about.

A few years back, a handful of us bought Fitbits and fell in love with the idea of human analytics and the quantified self movement. We soon realized was that there was no real easy way to track the the other things in your life that couldn’t be automated. Like, how many beers did I drink this week, this month, this year? How many times did I play with my kids? How many times did I go for a 15-minute walk during the work week? It came from a desire to track more than just health and fitness activity.

We built this product roughly two years ago for the iPhone and realized it didn’t feel right – pulling out your phone every time you wanted to track something felt a little tedious. The watch is the real reason we pursued this project again. The idea of being able to set up metrics on your phone and then easily and quickly input the data on your wrist just felt much more frictionless. In the end, the iPhone app turned out to be pretty snappy as well for people without watches.

As we learn more about how people are using Quantified, we look forward to making it better. We can’t wait to hear what you think.