Mixology Pro
Drink up with Mixology Pro, a data-packed cocktail recipe app created by Forest Giant for American Beverage Marketers and their featured product line, Master of Mixes.
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Mixology Pro app on mobile and desktop

Master of Mixes came to Forest Giant to design and develop a new cocktail recipe app that showcased the variety of products and flavors from the Master of Mixes brand. With a dual goal of representing their mixers alongside expertly-crafted recipes and introducing the product line to new audiences, we set to work creating an elegant web-based experience that utilized search engine marketing techniques in addition to a practical, elegant, and user-friendly application.


Each project undergoes a thorough research process at the start to ensure we’re creating the right application for the right people. The early stages of Mixology Pro included field research, user stories, and marketing research to learn who our prospective users were, what they were looking for when purchasing mixers, and how they discovered cocktail recipes.

"It was wonderful to work with Forest Giant — the team always guided us with insightful strategy and recommendations to make sure we created the best product for our brand we could!"

Kim Bianconcini
Marketing, American Beverage Marketers

## Design It was important for both teams that the application was user-friendly; the sheer amount of unique recipes made clean UI a priority so users could navigate the extensive catalog on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Custom illustrations were provided for Mixology Pro’s bartending guides to add a finished touch to the entire application. Users are able to identify core bar tools and glassware through the visuals.

Search Engine Optimization

While the Mixology Pro project was initially a mobile-only app, the benefits of creating a web-based app with responsive design enabled Master of Mixes to generate organic traffic to the app via search engine optimization, which gave the benefit of increasing their brand awareness whenever users would land on the site. Since launch, SEO has generated over 30% of all visits to the web app.


Both Forest Giant and Master of Mixes worked together to import a library of 400+ recipes from internal sources into a database that was optimized for use within the online app. To make content generation as simple as possible, we utilized the Wordpress CMS to help the client quickly add new recipes, articles, and more to the site without being overwhelmed.

Garnish with Video

As a final toast, we shot a series of videos featuring the Master of Mixes himself, professional mixologist Dean Serneels, as he demonstrated several cocktail recipes and techniques. Like all other project features, videos were optimized for SEO on YouTube to allow first-time users to discover both the recipes and brand organically. Core mixology techniques accompany each recipe dynamically on Mixology Pro depending on what the cocktail calls for, enabling users to quickly and easily get started on mixing a perfect drink.

Check out the finished application at www.mixologypro.com - we hope you enjoy it!