MESA: iPhone Game

MESA is our original game of strategy and friendly domination. In MESA, users carefully select tiles to fuse powers in head-to-head matches over Game Center. It’s a game that we’ve had brewing for over a year, and we couldn’t be more excited by how well it’s being received.

Understanding how competitive the iOS gaming ecosystem is, we knew the most important thing was to make sure we loved the game and enjoyed playing with each other. We had a blast making MESA and working on our favorite type of project - one that utilizes the entire Forest Giant team! From game theory to sound design, every discipline at Forest Giant has been leveraged to prototype, prove, and publish something that we are truly proud of.

However, we did need to outsource one piece of MESA: our users! Over the last several months, we’ve been lucky to have responsive beta testers playing (read: breaking!) MESA and getting it to the proud place it is today. We literally couldn’t have come this far without them, and it’s proven to us the extreme value of testing and validating our products before a full launch.

If you haven’t yet, please give MESA a try (it’s free!) and let us know what you think. We want MESA to be the best game it can be, so whether you game casually or hardcore, please share your thoughts with us.