Flying Axes
We partnered with Flying Axes to develop the premier tech-infused axe-throwing bar in the country.
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Flying Axes is Kentucky’s first and only axe-throwing venue. Located in downtown Louisville at 146 N. Clay Street, axe-throwing combines the primal experience of throwing a hatchet with competitive sport. We wanted to include a level of technology within the space that was subtle and practical; we settled on developing a set of custom scoreboards throughout the venue that operated on our open source edge computing platform.

The Scoreboards

The scoreboards at Flying Axes were constructed internally by hand with custom cases that host three 32x32 LED matrices, a Raspberry Pi, and one Adafruit RGB Matrix HAT. The LED scoreboards were developed specifically with the Flying Axes games in mind with easy-to-read visuals of players’ remaining axe throws, the game they’re on, as well as the number of points earned.

The Application

Axe-throwing coaches control the scoreboards through a web application that can be launched from a phone, tablet, or laptop. Since the scoreboards are connected locally without any internet dependence, coaches are able to connect to the intranet and visit a special URL to control any one of the eight venue scoreboards. While primarily created for scorekeeping, the app also provides coaches with a checklist of the different steps they must take to train new players, making the application an all-in-one dashboard for venue workers.

Flying Axes app

The Future

Forest Giant plans to continue to enhance the Flying Axes space to incorporate tech in innovative ways for better customer experiences and enhanced business operations. In addition to customer-centric installations, an environmental control overhaul is planned to make the space more eco-friendly with more efficient monitoring and management.

Learn more about the platform that powers the Flying Axes experience at For more information on Flying Axes and to reserve game time, visit

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