5Slides v2.0

At Forest Giant, we are contacted every day with new projects and big ideas in need of our expertise. We want to give each idea the full attention it deserves, but with an inbox packed full of highly detailed documents, lengthy presentations, and missing key points… well, it gets overwhelming.

That’s why a few months ago we made 5Slides, a simple way to summarize anything in 5 slides or less.

From the very beginning our goal was to embrace an MVP model. We’d roll out the core features, get feedback, observe how the app is being used, and make iterations based on the feedback and data we’d acquire.

After much consideration and great feedback from our users, we decided to implement a brand new feature to 5Slides – video voiceover. With video voiceover you can add a 12-second narration to each slide and share it as a video. In addition, we’re also excited to show off 5Slides 2.0 with a fresh coat of paint. We’re looking forward to seeing how 5Slides will be used and can’t wait to see what you will make with it!

Over the course of building 5Slides, we established a relationship with Joe McCormack and his team at The Brief Lab. Joe is one of the most authoritative voices today on the concept of brevity within communication. We’ve partnered with his team to make his book available for purchase in 5Slides. We hope you check it out.

Download 5Slides.