Culture & Opportunity

Louisville: Culture and Opportunity is an infographic site featuring 50 reasons why Greater Louisville is the perfect place for businesses and talent to thrive. This is the newest project we’ve collaborated on for non-profit City Collaborative, along with Louisville Love.

Leveraging beautiful typography and bold imagery to showcase facts from a dozen resources, this site informs readers of why they should migrate and remain in Louisville like none other. The goal of this project was to create a resource for local organizations and businesses to showcase Louisville as it continues to become one of the most innovative cities in the nation.

We’re excited to have gained support from Greater Louisville Inc, One Southern Indiana, and New2Lou to help guide soon-to-be Louisvillians to the best resources to make their move and hop right into the regional network.

This could not have happened without the gracious support and sponsorship by New Albany’s Blue Sky Network.

The Blue Sky Network believes in creating opportunities for people to realize their own potential and improve the quality of their own lives. Their focus on positive change for society is shared with both City Collaborative and Forest Giant, and we hope to continue doing amazing things with these organizations.