Senior UX Practitioner

Forest Giant is hiring a full-time User Experience practitioner who can contribute senior-level design research and UX design expertise. We’re looking for someone with experience who can fill a lead UX role on projects; someone who is respectful and friendly; someone who can be productive in a flexible, casual work environment. If selected, you’ll be working with multi-disciplinary teams including other designers, engineers and clients to solve a variety of complex product and service challenges.


  • Creative, strategic problem solving
  • Collaboration with designers, engineers, and clients
  • Provide teams with design research and UX design expertise
  • Drive project activities that support human-centered product and service experiences

We’ve outlined more detailed attributes below that we feel are key for a Senior UX Designer to be successful on our team. If you believe you match up well with these attributes, please send your resume and cover letter to


  • You have a successful history in user experience design and research roles that have given you a breadth and depth of principles, methods and practical experience; you feel comfortable planning and implementing strategies for UX design and design research.
  • You have a tendency towards collaboration and inclusive practices, but understand when individual efforts are appropriate.
  • You are comfortable operating in new, unfamiliar industries and design challenges.
  • You can be thoughtful and thorough when making decisions, but can also make quick, timely decisions when the situation requires it.
  • You are a smart, strategic thinker, and you take action to move forward.
  • You are very knowledgeable about and continue learn within the UX field - degrees are recognized but not required.
  • You are passionate about related fields and incorporate them into your craft (e.g. Anthropology, Psychology).


  • You are confident taking on a lead role in projects to express and own UX needs; you find ways to involve the team in your process.
  • You are flexible and comfortable balancing the needs of UX, the needs of clients and other project leads and the constraints of the project.
  • You are comfortable navigating yourself and others through the ambiguity of projects and design processes.
  • You are confident presenting work to peers, organization leaders and clients.
  • You are successful planning and facilitating collaborative design sessions among small teams and clients.

UX Research

  • You are inherently inquisitive when presented with projects.
  • You can strategically identify research approaches that are necessary and practical.
  • You can effectively plan and execute research methods (e.g. interviews, user testing, observation, analytics).
  • You help the team uncover meaningful, actionable outcomes from research activities.
  • You find ways to involve clients and teammates in design research activities.
  • You are comfortable creating and presenting lean or more elaborate research deliverables.

UX Design

  • You are creative and strategic with problem solving (and problem finding).
  • You personally contribute valued, creative ideas and concepts; your ideas and opinions are strong but flexible.
  • You are familiar and efficient with tools for diagramming and prototyping (e.g. Sketch, Omnigraffle, InVision). You are also flexible as tools change.
  • You are comfortable creating and co-creating UX design artifacts and deliverables (e.g. experience maps, personas, UI flows, and wireframes) and you understand when these activities and deliverables are valuable and appropriate to the team and client.
  • You bring a UX perspective into design collaborations with UI/UX designers to help create user flows, interaction designs and information architectures.
  • You are familiar with UX design principles and best practices that enable you to objectively evaluate designs.
  • Your design decisions are informed, intentional and centered on people.
Please send all resumes and cover letters to