Sound & Vision with Emily Keller

Today we’re interviewing Interactive Designer, Emily Keller, on her Sound & Vision Art Show at one of our favorite record stores, Guestroom Records.

Display of 12 pieces from Emily Keller's Sound & Vision Art Show

What inspired you to start this series?

Our last FG art show, Gridlock, where I displayed one of the pieces, Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. I had just come off from doing a cross stitch piece for a friend, so I was thinking a lot about grids. Someone mentioned that 12x12, the set parameters for the Gridlock show, was the same size as an album and well…BAM!

You brought a few pieces to from this collection to Gridlock, right?

Yeah. The first one was Prince - it just fit and seemed easy because of the blue background. The Janet Jackson piece was similar. I don’t know why I did the Kendrick one, but I’m glad I did! You have to get the right album so it can be both intricate and interesting. The Outkast piece is a good example of this. Over time, the pieces became more challenging, like the Janelle Monáe and Rihanna pieces.

How did the Sound & Vision Art Show come about?

Lisa and Travis, the owners of Guestroom Records, bought the Kendrick piece at the FG art show - it felt awesome! Lisa asked me that same night about making it into a show. It was nonstop for two months after - at home I painted, on weekends I painted. It was a little crazy. Overall I did ten new art pieces in less than two months, which was a lot!

Which albums were your favorite to paint?

Rihanna. Janelle Monáe. I love the Bjork one because the colors are so fun - it looks like candy! The Kendrick and Outkast pieces turned out pretty cool, too.

Painting of Janelle Monáe's 2018 album, Dirty Computer.
Painting of Bjork's 1995 album, Post.
Painting of Outkast's 2000 album, Stankonia.
Painting of Childish Gambino's 2013 album, Because the Internet.

What can we expect in the future? Do you plan to continue this series?

I think so. I had a lot of people ask for a specific album… If Guestroom is interested in having me again, I’d love to do another show there!

Art & Vision is showing at Guestroom Records at 1806 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206. Drop by and pick up some fantastic art from a fellow Giant!

Jessica Elle
Digital Marketing