Our Favorite Sketch Plugins

While our team’s design stack is relatively widespread, one tool that’s considered a company standard is Sketch, a vector graphics editor that we frequently use in conjunction with Invision for prototyping. While Sketch out-of-the-box is a powerful piece of software, we’ve taken to boosting our productivity by installing a handful of fantastic plugins. Check them out below!


Where developers have Git, designers have Abstract. Having a single source of truth is integral for collaboration and the easy of version control enables our team to see who did what and when they did it. With Sketch-linked libraries, we’re also able to easily manage and share our design systems with new team members.


Craft by Invision is a suite of plugins that help streamline the design process, especially when your end goal is to deploy to Invision. With plugins covering things like stock images, collaboration, interactive prototyping, and quick syncing, the collection of plugins is an essential choice for designers that use Invision.


Stark helps designers check for accessibility. The plugin has a handful of nifty tools to check for readability, legibility, and contrast to ensure a great user experience for all. With accessibility being at the forefront of UX design, this handy plugin will make sure you’re thinking of accessibility from the start.


At Forest Giant, we work in increments of eighths. While this is an easy rule to follow, it can get pretty time consuming when whipping up a new prototype. Anima is an essential tool that automatically adds padding and spacing to elements based on our own parameters, making the 8-point grid system a literal snap. Not to mention its neat Stacks feature that mimics the functionality of flexbox!


In addition to Anima’s help with grid systems, Nudged and Nudg.it are two helpful tools for working within our 8-point parameters. By default, nudges in Sketch are set to 1px for small shifts and 10px for big shifts. With these plugins however, you can set your own nudge distances to easily shift your design within a set grid or system.


Shared knowledge is the best knowledge. Tweet us @forestgiant to let us know if we’re missing anything awesome!

Jessica Elle
Digital Marketing