Inside ReSurfaced: The Liberty Build

On a ¾ acre lot located between the neighborhoods of Phoenix Hill and NuLu lies ReSurfaced: The Liberty Build. Consisting of over twenty shipping containers and a five-a-side soccer field - a first for the city - the latest community space from City Collaborative offers downtown Louisville a new venue for community events. The months of September and October will see a surge of activity with live bands, DJs, as well as a variety of booths selling food and drinks.

Forest Giant Volunteer Day

Forest Giant has taken a very special role at this year’s ReSurfaced. From distributing thousands of pounds of ground-up tire rubber over the soccer field to helping create a new identity for the space, our team volunteered their time and effort to make The Liberty Build a reality. In addition to a hands-on approach to building up ReSurfaced, we also have our very own Forest Giant creative space that will be used as a meeting space, art gallery, and collaboration center. Made up of four 40-foot shipping containers, the upper deck provides a grand view of the entire ReSurfaced lot along with excellent spots for checking out a soccer match on Liberty Field!

The Liberty Build From Above

The Liberty Build is the biggest ReSurfaced undertaking yet. By transforming an abandoned lot into a useful welcoming space, we’re hoping to help the community to engage, collaborate, create, and celebrate! ReSurfaced: The Liberty Build’s closing night is October 29th, so be sure to drop by one of its upcoming events and visit when it reopens Spring 2017!


Jessica Elle
Digital Marketing