Noir with Robby Davis

We caught up with Interactive Designer Robby Davis to talk about one of his sweetest (and darkest) illustration projects from the past year: Noir. Commissioned to commemorate Louisville Cream’s Noir French Vanilla flavor, Robby’s work delves into the world of film noir with its grim and mysterious vibes. This is definitely a very scrumptious, yet suspicious scoop!

Illustration of a cone piled on with three very suspicious-looking scoops

First off, there aren’t any of your signature snakes - what gives?!

It didn’t really call for it! They wanted something inspired from film noir, so I did three concept sketches that all had to do with themes typical for the genre…a lot of shifty eyeballs, black/red/white color schemes, and concepts around murder, mystery, and death.

animated gif showing the process of his concept sketches
animated gif showing the process of his concept sketches
animated gif showing the process of his concept sketches

Do you consider yourself a fan of film noir?

No, not really. I know the genre and appreciate, but haven’t gone that deep in it. I had to search a lot for inspiration. I used a tool called Dropmark to quickly do image searches and pin things to share with the client. It’s good to get on the same page for visual style and theme before I do any sketching.

Did you get a chance to taste it?

(laughs) Yeah I did! When I was working on the project they had already made a few batches, so I got to take a few pints home. The concepts were drawn up before I tasted it though, but while I was finishing the design I would run down to get my free ice cream.

Is this your first project involving a food product?

Not for food in general, but it’s my first ice cream project. I think that’s why I was really into it!

Last question. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

I really like bourbon ball, but a good staple is french vanilla….or chocolate.

Snag a limited edition Noir shirt online at before they’re all gone! Find more work by Robby Davis on his website, Instagram, and Facebook.

illustration of two skulls positioned to look like an ice cream cone
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