Forest Giant Announces Leadership Transition

LOUISVILLE, KY - Forest Giant, a regional leader in innovation, design, and development, announced today that founding partner and CEO Dave Durand has stepped down as the company’s chief executive officer and will transition to a chairman role advising on strategy, sales, and vision. Chris Wiedmar, who currently serves as the VP of Operations and Business Development, will assume the role of CEO moving forward.

Wiedmar has extensive experience in the technology sector with a strong focus on sales, software, applications, business strategy, and operations. The appointment of Wiedmar will allow Durand, who has served as CEO since the inception of Forest Giant, to focus on Forest Giant subsidiaries while supporting leadership with overall long-term strategic direction and success. Durand remains the CEO of Forest Giant subsidiary Roth River; Wiedmar will be solely dedicated to Forest Giant as its CEO.

“Dave and the rest of Forest Giant leadership have done a phenomenal job building one of the strongest teams in the country for human-centered software,” Wiedmar said. “As our company moves into the next phase, we will be growing our core service offerings, cultivating a number of internal products into fruition, leveraging more partners from the community, and branching out from Louisville to regional technology hubs like Cincinnati, Nashville, and Pittsburgh.”

In addition to Wiedmar and Durand, Forest Giant’s leadership team is rounded out by Chief Technology Officer Jesse Lucas and Chief Creative Officer Jon Shaw. While design and development has been the team’s most recognized specialty for the greater part of a decade, the company’s leadership transition is a marked turning point for Forest Giant as the company expands offerings to include dedicated services for user experience and innovation.

“For the past year, Forest Giant has refined its service offerings to focus on innovation as a service, enterprise software development, and human-centered design,” Wiedmar said. “We anticipate being leaned on even more by our clients and partners who are seeking corporate innovation and enhanced product offerings, many of which are moving into IoT and edge computing spaces. It’s a very exciting time for us.”


Forest Giant is a creative technology company focused on innovation, design, and development. Comprised of product managers, software engineers, UX practitioners, UI designers, and strategists, Forest Giant’s balanced teams have over a decade of experience crafting creative solutions for enterprise and consumer projects ranging from the Internet of Things, experiential design, custom software applications, and more. Over the last 15 years Forest Giant has compiled a lean team of experts with one focus: building innovative solutions that drive results.

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