Inside the Giant Maze

Giant Maze by Emily Keller is our latest swag design, available on both cork coasters and baseball tees. Inspired by line-based optical illusions, the design incorporates the Forest Giant mascot in a maze-like formation. We talked to Emily about her inspiration and production process on creating the newest addition to FG swag.

Giant Maze swag

What inspired you to create the Giant Maze?

I wanted to do something that revealed an image within lines. I stumbled upon a series of Instagram posts by Super Deluxe which started me off on an optical illusion path. At first glance, you only see the stripes - but a closer look reveals funny phrases.

I shared the Super Deluxe piece and other related optical illusions with the team; After all our eyes bled, I got the green light to move forward with an FG variant.

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Talk a bit about the production process.

In addition to working on the computer, I had to print out a lot of mockups to make sure that the Giant was coming through in the design. I would print the design out, tape it to the wall, and stand back to make sure you could get what was going on. There was a lot of tweaking with the lines - and I had to put my specs on!

Giant Maze swag

Did you run into any challenges?

Yeah, I lost my eyesight for a few days. I had to take a lot of breaks from my screen in order to work on it. All in all, it was a challenging, but fun, creative break!

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Jessica Elle
Digital Marketing