Frankfort Avenue Faves

Forest Giant is snuggled on Frankfort Avenue in the historic neighborhood of Crescent Hill, home to multiple record stores, tons of great food, and a plethora of opportunities to shop. Our prime location makes it ideal to walk the avenue for lunch, meetings, and to simply get outside. Trying to catch a Giant? Hit up one of these places during the workweek - you’ll probably find one of us hanging around:


Blue Dog is the official-unofficial extension to our office kitchen. With being approximately two hops and three skips away from our front door, Blue Dog remains one of the most popular quick lunch options for Giants. The collective favorite menu item of the office is Blue Dog’s turkey sandwich with cereal bread; if we had a penny for every sandwich ordered on the company card over the past two years in this office, we’d have approximately $1.47. Hmm.


Our development team makes the weekly trek to El Mundo every Tuesday for their lunch, rain or shine. Aside from the quant folks, El Mundo holds a special place in the hearts of all Giants - we’re huge fans of their lunch specials and….margaritas. Some days it’s mainly the margaritas. When you’re on a first name basis with the El Mundo staff, it’s less of a restaurant down the street and most likely another extension of the FG kitchen.


Having one of the best, friendlist wine shops in the city down the road is one of the greatest gifts for thirsty Giants. In addition to supplying wine to almost all Forest Giant parties, taking a ‘long walk’ down the Ave usually results in a Giant or two bringing back a variety of recommended whites and reds from the knowledgeable (and ever-persuasive) team behind TWR.


While Blue Dog, El Mundo, and The Wine Rack are our collective top three picks, it would be a travesty not to include the following Frankfort Ave destinations. If you’re trying to find a Giant, best drop by one of these local storefronts and eateries:

In conclusion, we absolutely love where we work. With Forest Giant being central to so many renowned spots in Louisville, it’s as if their mere presence gives our team inspiration. As one anonymous Giant commented, “On a nice day, I love going for a walk on Frankfort Ave. The little school children running around, playing in their school uniforms, warms my cold dead heart.”

Jessica Elle
Digital Marketing