Illustrating Forecastle with Robby Davis

While you can find her leading marketing initiatives at the office during the day, one . Performing under the moniker Ghouligan, Jess spins at different events around the state in addition to being the in-house DJ to all of Forest Giant’s legendary parties. We talked to her for a moment about her upcoming sets at Forecastle Festival.

Is this your first time performing at Forecastle?

Yeah! It’s crazy because last year I spent a whole day just watching my friends perform in Party Cove and this year I’ll be up there with them. I’m stoked beyond belief, but also in a state of shock. I don’t think I’ve totally processed it yet.

Have you gone to Forecastle previously, not as a performer?

Oh definitely. This will be my third time at the festival overall. Actually, one of the first things I did when we got our lineup times was checking out the other artists I wanted to see perform. I was hoping there wouldn’t be any conflicts with my set - I only have one with Jai Wolf - so you bet I’ll be running right off to the Ocean Stage after.

What do you think the biggest difference will be at Forecastle than from previous gigs?

Honestly, it’ll be the sun. I’m used to indoor club environments and the other festival I played at was a late night set as well. With Forecastle being in the middle of July, sundown starts around 9pm, making this a completely new element for me. I’m hoping there’ll be shade, but I’m also considering buying one of those dorky umbrella hats so I don’t melt.

Do you prepare your sets any differently when playing at a festival?

A little bit. I’m prepping for a more upbeat set that’ll appeal to the crowds that come for that Party Cove experience whereas my other sets can range from trip-hop to twerk depending on where I’m performing and who I’m performing to. The fun thing about DJing is that you’re not totally stuck to performing a static setlist like the other bands. Sure, you’ll curate some tracks that you personally would love to play out, but how the set goes is ultimately dependent on how the crowd responds.

What days and stage are you performing at?

I’ll be performing at the Party Cove stage on Friday from 6:15p-7:15p and on Saturday from 3:30p-4:15p.

For those who have not been to Forecastle, could you explain what Party Cove is and why it is so much fun?!

In a nutshell, Party Cove is Louisville’s answer to Coachella’s Sahara Tent. It’s the main area for EDM nestled between a bunch of trees and hammocks, so it’s very possible to just end up there all day with all the shade and tunes. Performers are set up on a giant boat that an artist is painting live, so it’s just this crazy installation for DJs. Not to mention the mermaids and other sea creatures that show up - I’m personally hoping that Left Shark will grace my set with his presence.

Who are you excited to see this weekend?

White Reaper! They’re local boys, but man, I have not been able to catch one of their shows in years. I think this weekend will be the one! Aside from that, it’ll be awesome to see Sam Sneed (a former Forest Giant) and my friends from The Spinsters Union of Louisville: DJ Bombshell, DJ Samosa, DJ Allison Cross, and Cave Dwlr. I’m also pretty stoked to watch Jenny Lewis, Father John Misty, and Modest Mouse.

Colin O'Daniel
Sales + Marketing Intern