FG Travel Log: Shanghai

It is a beautiful thing to work internationally; being able to represent our company on a global scale is a huge honor. Working with companies in different parts of the world allows us to grow not only our scope, but also our designers, developers, leaders, and people. Members of our team traveled to Shanghai to finish up a project by installing software for a Fortune 100 company’s new interactive center. We had an amazing time traveling around and seeing the sights Shanghai had to offer - take a look!

The first trip we took to Shanghai we met with the client to help install the latest version of the software we had been working on. Over the week we were able to test the software in the actual space that it was designed for, as well as partner with the technology on their end to help find bugs and tailor the software to their needs. Our team on the trip worked day in and day out with their team to ensure that all issues and changes were well-documented and communicated to the team stateside. Working with a 12-hour advantage had its benefits when changes needed to be made; we could submit them, then when we woke up they were done when we came back into the center.

We also had a chance to explore Shanghai in the evening by taking lots of walks through its many side streets and malls. One of the major highlights of our trip was being able to attend the grand opening weekend of Shanghai Disneyland. It was such a unique experience to see very familiar things but in a completely different context.

We also got to explore some amazing architecture in the city. Whether it was the view from The Bund, a waterfront area in the middle of Shanghai, or exploring the tallest trio of buildings in the world - including the second tallest in the world - there was always something great to see. The Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Tower, and the Jin Mao Tower create an amazing view. Along with the Pearl, a TV and radio tower, they make up one of the most recognizable skylines in the world.

While in Shanghai our team was able to help install and test the software, as well as be there for the grand opening of the interactive center. It was great to be there for the opening to make sure that everything went off without a hitch for our customer (and we are happy to say that it did!).

Traveling for work is amazing. We get to see amazing sights, work with amazing people, try new things, experience different cultures, and work hard to represent ourselves on a global scale. We’re honored to have worked on the project in Shanghai and look forward to our next trip!

Andy Cenci
Content Strategist