The Dogs of FG

On any given day, you’ll find at least two furry friends roaming the office. Some days we’ll have three, a full house with four, and during rare conicidences we’ll have a packed office of five dogs! While we were able to capture professional headshots of four of our most common canine friends, we realized that not many folks know much about these friendly faces other than their name.

We interviewed both the dogs (translated by their owners) to get a deeper look at the dogs of Forest Giant - enjoy!


The defacto office mascot, Fox has been a near-constant presence at Forest Giant since he was just a pup. Every morning he does his routine lap around the workspace!

  • Owner: Jesse Lucas, CTO
  • Breed: Spinone Italiano
  • Age: 9
  • Favorite Food: Baked goods
  • Biggest Fear: Not eating

Explain the background of their name.
When I was a small child I always wanted a dog. So my mom sewed a patch on my pants that was a fox and I pretended it was my dog. When I was old enough to take care of a dog I got a puppy and named him Fox.

If Fox worked at FG, what would his role be?
He'd be the mascot. (Author's note: he already is.)

Any additional fun facts?
His official name is Malsabout I Love My Country “Fox”


One of the chillest dogs in the office, Jasper is everyone's friend. He loves laying out in the sun as it passes through our windows every afternoon.

  • Owner: Jon Shaw, CCO
  • Breed: Beagle
  • Age: 5
  • Favorite Food: Everything he's not supposed to have
  • Biggest Fear: Water

Explain the background of their name.
It matched his disposition perfectly.

If Jasper worked at FG, what would his role be?
Guest greeter and package inspector.

Any additional fun facts?
One time he snuck some stolen Qdoba queso to his bed, but fell asleep cuddling it...without getting the chance to eat it. One day he'll get that day....


This bandana-clad doggo can play all day! She helps herd employees to meetings and is always ready for a quick fetch break.

  • Owner: Jess Elle, Digital Marketing (and your author)
  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Age: 4
  • Favorite Food: White Castle cheeseburgers
  • Biggest Fear: Farts

Explain the background of their name.
Indy is named after Indio, California where Coachella Valley Music Festival is based. But I pretty much tell people she's named after Indiana Jones so I can make the "We named the dog Indiana" joke.

If Indy worked at FG, what would her role be?
Director of Retrievals

Any additional fun facts?
If she likes her food, she'll roll around for you. If she doesn't...she acts like the Ratatouille food critic and will refuse to eat. Most picky dog ever!


Our smallest office dog, Moose, is certainly a mover and shaker. He's still learning how to skateboard...expect him at the X-Games no time soon.

  • Owner: Dave Durand, CEO
  • Breed: Teacup Yorkie
  • Age: 2
  • Favorite Food: Pepperoni
  • Biggest Fear: Bath time

Explain the background of their name.
Big personality, tiny dog. Moose!

If Moose worked at FG, what would his role be?
Bone collector. He always tries to bury them - and cries when he can't.

Any additional fun facts?
If he wasn't named Moose, he'd be named Hilton. He looks like a dog Paris would own.

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Jessica Elle
Digital Marketing