Forest Giant: A Decade in Review

With only a few weeks until a new decade, it’s time to sit and reflect. Our company was born and raised in Butchertown, a neighborhood in Louisville, by setting up shop in a historical 19th century factory with a close-knit team made up of designers and software engineers. Operating under the name Visual Scientists, we officially dropped our original company name in favor of Forest Giant on June 1st, 2010. And what a wild ride it’s been since then!

Ten years is an important marker for any company. Throughout the past decade we’ve had the pleasure of working with massive Fortune 100 companies, freshly minted startups, and a plethora of great organizations in-between. Our teams have had the opportunity to create interactive collaboration centers in multiple global destinations, craft custom applications for practically every piece of technology Apple has ever released, prototype new ideas that have turned into million dollar startups, and even got our hands a little dirty by bringing new life to abandoned lots in our hometown. Forest Giant has never focused on one single type of project, but all of them share the same core traits: innovation and heart.

I’m excited to help lead Forest Giant into another decade. With the support of the Louisville community, our clients, partners, family, and friends, Forest Giant is primed to take on the new year with the same gusto and heart that has powered us since our founding in 2004. As our office closes down for the year - a much needed break for our merry crew - I’d like to challenge both you and I to make this next decade even greater than the last.

Chris Wiedmar