Get Organized With The Bullet Journal

Post-its, planners, calendars, and note taking apps have taken over our lives and demand our attention both at work and at home. All of these tools, although helpful, can be a bit overwhelming, easy to lose track of, or simply fall out of fashion. What we really want is to create a single system that can be both a calendar, planner, and note-taking device, while also not going out of date. A few years ago when trying to get more organized as a New Year’s resolution, I discovered a system called “The Bullet Journal”. Three years later it is still what I use daily to track tasks, keep track of meetings and important dates, as well as the place I take and organize notes. These challenges are addressed in an analog organizational system that gives you amazing flexibility; watch the video below to learn all about it and read the 4 reasons you should try the bullet journal.

Paper and Pen

Let’s be real. Paper and pen are not going out of style; if anything they are coming back into style. No one is waiting for the iPaper7 or the latest version of the pen OS, they just work. There is something great about having something tactile, that you can feel and control. Using a pen and paper takes you away from your digital device and helps you to focus, no notifications popping up or texts while planning out your day or taking notes. There isn’t the temptation to scroll through Twitter or Instagram, or send snaps to friends, it is just you and the paper.


I have been doing a bullet journal for about 3 years, and it has changed a lot. It has adapted to my needs, instead of me adapting to its design. All applications have a set design for how they work and how you can interact with them. These rules can be restricting to you, even with all the advancements note taking apps have made. This form of journaling adapts to you; you may be the hyper-organized type who uses tabs or maybe you are like me and simply use it to schedule meetings and plan out a day.


Being able to archive and keep track of important notes is one of my favorite things about the bullet journal. Having an index that is simple to use makes keeping track of important notes easy. I also use my journal to put stickers or photos in to remember places I have been for both work and fun.

You can still use your phone

You don’t have to completely stop using your phone. I still use my phone to set reminders or to create and receive calendar events for both work and personal use. Your phone is still a resource that you can use to help you remember things. But having the journal allows you to have a distraction free place that adapts to the way you think and work.

These are the things I love about the Bullet journal, it’s what you want it to be, and it’s not rigid or constraining. It can be a reflection of the way that you think best, and it can adapt and change with you. What do you think? Will you give it a try? Do you have any unique organizational tools that you use? Share them with us! Hit us up on twitter with your ideas.

Andy Cenci
Content Strategist