Louisville Love iPhone App

In 2012, we worked very closely with Aaron Marshall to create Overgram, a free version of the popular parent app, Over. Not long after Aaron’s great success with Over began, he transplanted to Africa which would inspire Over’s next sibling: Cape Town Love. Cape Town Love is a very intriguing hyperlocal version of Over, where Aaron was able to replicate his product on an intimate scale with local artists. We saw this was a great tool for promoting exploration and tourism to Cape Town, and frankly, we were jealous!

Thanks to our sponsors Louisville Downtown Partnership and Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau, we have teamed up with Over to make something very special for our city: Louisville Love. Much like Cape Town Love, Louisville Love is an app that allows mobile creatives the ability to add Louisville-inspired art over photos in and around Louisville.

In addition, we are very excited that Louisville Love will be considered the first project released for City Collaborative, a new Louisville non-profit with a mission to leverage small, quick projects and transform them into big change and inspiration for the community. Louisville Love marks the first of many projects for City Collaborative, and we feel honored to be a part of their introduction.

See the behind-the-scenes process and be sure to check out what people are making with Louisville Love at LouLoveApp.com, where we’ll feature all Instagram photos tagged with #louisvillelove!

Download Louisville Love in the App Store and get out there and share the love!