I Love Mountains

Forest Giant

As Forest Giant continues to enrich our portfolio as an iOS development team, we constantly are brainstorming ideas towards our next big project. Many of us, having children in our lives, have noticed that the iOS library is limited in it’s number of quality, engaging experiences for children. We’ve realized the entertainment and educational potential that digital publishing has, and, as fate would have it, we were presented with an amazing opportunity to work with an established illustrator, Amanda J. Bishop.

Amanda, of State Champs, earned her Masters in Children’s Book Illustration at a university in Cambridge, England. This educational foundation coupled with her love of outdoors brought us the tale of Sloan Graham. Sloan is the lovable, mountain-enthusiast in a bear costume, and the main character of “I Love Mountains!” Brought to life with endearing animation and playful interaction, her story explains how mountains are created, where they’re found, and also highlights the native flora and fauna. Using a combination of collage, illustration, and digital drawing to put the characters and mountain scenes together, “I Love Mountains!” is a full-featured application for kids (ages 4+) to interact with, learn about, and explore our planet’s amazing mountains. Like us on Facebook

GE: 2011 CES Exhibit

01.18.2011 by Forest Giant

“2011 marked GE’s first year at CES where GE showcased two of its newest ecomagination products: WattStation and Nucleus. Together, they exemplify GE’s commitment to offering more energy efficient options to consumers, and GE was awarded a place in the Innovation Honorees booth.” From Ecomagination.com. We were uniquely positioned to work on GE’s booth at CES. For the last two years we were developing and designing the Nucleus Application that was to be showcased at CES. It only seemed natural for GE to team up with our team for their marketing endeavors within the booth. With only a short window (3 months to be precise), we led the charge in developing the content, design and interactive that resided in the booth. GE, at the time, was extremely busy, so relied heavily on us to produce all of the content. Seriously, all of it. The show was a huge success. The video you see here, was one that we shot and edited on site, to showcase the booth. We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to check out the other GE/CES projects in our portfolio.