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We believe that a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) model for development is one of the best ways to approach a build. We wanted to create simple mobile app without over thinking the process. We also believe that good User Experience (UX) design is also key. That’s why we wanted to get it into the hands of users like you, to find out what you think, then use that feedback to base the future direction of the app.

We truly value your feedback. You can shoot us a tweet @forestgiant or use our UserVoice page to leave us feedback for Gross.

Gross Mobile App Development

Gross Mobile App Development

We love new technologies and the opportunity to tinker with them. The launch of Apple’s latest iPhone 5s, brought us one such technology worth tinkering with: The M7 co-processor. Quite a few of us discussed that the new iPhone’s M7 chip could possibly be one of the most underrated technology upgrades the iPhone has seen yet.

The result of these conversations led us to build Gross, an app to visualize your daily movement.

Imagine if you had the ability to look over your day, and see how much of it you actually spent MOVING. With Gross, now you can. Seeing something so simple can have a tremendous impact on how you spend your time.

Gross is a mobile app that displays movement in the simplest terms. Leveraging the power of the M7 co-processor Gross shows you how much of your day has been spent moving, constantly keeping track of the last 7 days of movement. This allows you to see which days were most active. Daily movement is broken down into walking, running, or cruising.

Gross Mobile App Screen

Gross Mobile App Screen

Gross is available today in the iPhone App Store designed for iPhone 5s.

If you have downloaded the app we’d love to hear your feedback.

Vision Louisville

08.06.2013 by Forest Giant

We are always looking for opportunities to give back to our great city Louisville. So when we were chosen by the Mayor’s Office to reinvigorate the Vision Louisville project we couldn’t have been more excited.