What We Do

Forest Giant is a digital agency comprised of collaborative creative thinkers not bound to any one technology. With a skill-set that is ever-evolving and growing, we utilize the best tools available to create unique solutions that we truly believe in. Here are some of the tools and technologies we are currently using: Strategy, Design, JavaScript, HTML5, 3D, iOS, iPhone, ActionScript, AIR.

Our History

In 2003 the founders of Forest Giant created Visual Scientists (VS), a very specialized creative boutique. After 7 years, we realized we had a lot more to offer as we started to grow into a larger more multi-disciplined team. We craved the ability to work on larger digital concepts.

Forest Giant gave us new ground to stand on. A fresh start. In our first year we have exceeded our own expectations, as we continue to get bigger, better and more determined than ever.

Our Philosophy & Process

We love creative and interactive. This is our life, our life is our work, and life is good.

We have comprised a team of rare and special individuals and we’d like to share that with you. Our primary focus is to make everything we create the very best it can be.

For each project we embark upon, we will create a strategic team of talent to ensure that your project is tackled effectively from every angle.

Have a Project?

We are currently only accepting serious inquiries. If you would like to setup a call, please send an email with project details, to Cara@ForestGiant.com. She will ensure you are teamed up with the best person to help you move forward with us. We look forward to hearing from you.