ATO: Productivity Apps

04.13.2015 by Forest Giant

At Forest Giant, we’re always keeping a watchful eye on the latest trends. Our ATO (Around the Office) posts are a little peek behind the curtain of what we’re talking about — a new iPhone app, a new technology for development or even some hardware that we’re excited to try out. This week we’re letting you in on how we stay productive and focused in the office.

IdeaFestival - Website Redesign

04.10.2015 by Forest Giant

We recently had the privilege of working with IdeaFestival to craft a new web and brand experience for them. We really believe in what IdeaFestival does, so when they asked us to rethink their identity, we were thrilled at the opportunity.

The Slow Death of the Supermarket

04.06.2015 by Todd Balsley
Technology has rapidly changed commerce for the better, it’s time for the grocery industry to step up their game.

5Slides v2.0

04.01.2015 by Forest Giant

At Forest Giant, we are contacted every day with new projects and big ideas in need of our expertise. We want to give each idea the full attention it deserves, but with an inbox packed full of highly detailed documents, lengthy presentations, and missing key points… well, it gets overwhelming. That’s why a few months ago we made 5Slides, a simple way to summarize anything in 5 slides or less. From the very beginning our goal was to embrace an MVP model. We’d roll out the core features, get feedback, observe how the app is being used, and make iterations based on the feedback and data we’d acquire.

Hey, Airbnb. Hotels aren’t scared of you.

03.19.2015 by Forest Giant

In today’s age of technology and innovation, what are we really looking for in a hotel stay? Guests want more than just a place to lay their head — they are looking for an experience. With more hotels offering new technologies such as customized mobile apps and keyless check-in, consumers have come to expect an efficient, personalized hotel stay. And why wouldn’t they? Other industries — banking, healthcare, retail and more — have embraced advances in technology. When it has become the norm, it is what you come to expect as a consumer. Many hotels are providing these experiences through the use of new technologies. These innovative hotels are more than just a place to drop your bags while you head out to explore your surroundings — they are a part of those surroundings, enhancing your trip.

Gross 1.0 for iOS 8 - iPhone

02.02.2015 by Forest Giant

Last year we released “Gross” a simple app that displays your movement by leveraging a chip found in the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6+ called the “motion co-processor”, which records all movement on your phone. The idea for Gross was simple, display all the data recorded by the motion co-processor in a minimal and elegant fashion. For us, Gross was an experiment to explore the possibilities of Apple’s new hardware. This year we revisit Gross in the same spirit of exploration, but also with a new vision. We believe that seeing something so simple can have a tremendous impact on how you spend your time and can lead to habit transformation.

iOS Device Motion: Apps With Attitude

02.02.2015 by Stephan Baker

Today I had the opportunity to work on an application that needed to be aware of changes to the device orientation. Detecting whether the phone is being held in a landscape or portrait orientation is easy enough, and iOS can handle making these changes for you, but I needed something a bit more specialized. The view I was creating would always be displayed in portrait orientation, but I needed to be able to capture the angle at which the user was holding the phone.  If you’re guessing that the Core Motion Framework was the answer, you’re right. This framework is able to provide us with information that could be used to determine how the user may be holding the device. If you’re interested in doing this in one of your projects, I will describe the process of attaining these values below.

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