Swift Optionals

01.21.2015 by Stephan Baker

Over the past few years, our development team at Forest Giant has invested a considerable amount of time working with Objective-C. The language has been around for a long time, and we’ve had plenty of time to get nice and comfortable in our ways. When Apple announced the Swift programming language alongside iOS 8, we were excited. We had also done a fair amount of JavaScript development, so the opportunity to leverage a more concise syntax during our iOS development sounded great. So far, we are loving the language, but that doesn’t mean the transition has been without its growing pains. Today we thought it would be a good idea to share some information that helped us to better understand one source of these growing pains – optional variables. Let’s look at some example code. Below, we will initialize a variable before attempting to reassign its value to nil. With Objective-C, we would have no issues doing this. Attempting to do this in Swift, however, will result in a compile-time error.

Goodbye 2014

12.22.2014 by Forest Giant

This year we had the true pleasure of working with some amazing clients and friends. Recently our design team spent time working on a gift as a small token of our appreciation.

A Giant New Space

12.18.2014 by Dave Durand

Often times, we end up where we may least expect. A simple instance in your life can push you to the unexpected. For me, that was Louisville. A place I now call home after a decade. A place that has enabled us to build Forest Giant into an amazing force of talent. We love it here (and guarantee you would too). We have been in our current space for 4 years now. It is beautiful, and soon to be available for those looking. It was even voted as being one of the coolest offices in the city. Over time though, we have grown and will continue to. These jeans are getting a bit tight if you catch my drift.

5Slides iPhone App

11.04.2014 by Forest Giant

We live in a day where we are inundated with information, which is why we created 5Slides,  A simple app to help you articulate your ideas and focus on your delivery. We believe that being brief and to-the-point is the absolute best way to inspire and win people over. Think of 5Slides as a two-minute Keynote presentation, minus the boring bits. Clear and consumable slideshows to inspire deeper conversation.

Louisville Love x ReSurfaced

09.22.2014 by Forest Giant

We believe deeply in our city and are proud advocates of its culture. In the spirit of this we are happy to share with you a big new update to Louisville Love. We’ve teamed up again with Aaron Marshall and his team at Over to bring you some remarkable new features that we really think you’ll enjoy. Louisville Love 1.1 was rebuilt from the ground up and crafted with your best experience in mind. In the future we plan to add even more artwork for you to share on your favorite pictures of this city. Louisville Love Now Features:

FG x ReSurfaced

09.19.2014 by Forest Giant

We love Louisville. Since we opened our doors at Forest Giant we’ve seen a lot of positive change in the community, and is something we are proud to be a part of.

SenseME iPhone App

09.04.2014 by Forest Giant

Haiku® with SenseME™ technology by Big Ass Fans® is the world’s first smart ceiling fan. Our latest smartphone app for the Kentucky-based company brings full control of this high-tech work of functional art into the palm of your hand. You can adjust the fan’s speed and light settings or select from several unique control modes. Schedule alarms down to the minute with any combination of fan, light and sound. If you would like to learn more, or see our press kit, please contact us.

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